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Write your child. It will make your day.

We want you to be able to build a strong and fruitful relationship with your sponsored child and writing is a great way to start. By writing a letter to your sponsored child, you will encourage and strengthen them, and it will encourage and strengthen you!

You can submit your letter here. Thanks for connecting and investing.

Letter Writing Do's

  • Write at least once every 6 months & at most you once a month.

  • Tell them about your hobbies, interests, activities, job, school, and family.

  • Share about your church.

  • Tell them about interesting places your family has visited.

  • Include pictures of your family and about your life.

Letter Writing Dont's

  • Don’t promise anything you can’t keep. This includes mentioning that you’d like to visit “sometime.” To a lonely child this means you are coming in the next few weeks.

  • Don’t make any type of suggestion that you may want to adopt them or bring them to Canada.

  • Don’t share personal communication information (address, email, phone numbers, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.) for your privacy.

  • Don’t share personal financial information with them.

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