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Our unique Community-to-Community model brings

transformation to your church and to orphaned and vulnerable

children around the world.

What we do: Gospel. Relationships. Development.

At Children’s HopeChest, our core values are summed up in James 1:27 – True religion undefiled before the Father is caring for widows and orphans in their distress. Children’s HopeChest exists to glorify God by releasing the potential of orphaned and vulnerable children and their communities through partnerships that cultivate holistic transformation and sustainability.

Children’s HopeChest develops highly relational, Community-to-Community partnerships between Christian communities in North America and communities of orphaned and vulnerable children in 9 countries. We believe the most transformational, holistic, sustainable, and long-term change occurs when one community partners with another.


This is all accomplished through relationships. And really, the root causes of poverty are broken relationships. Through Christ, these relationships can be healed and real transformation can occur. Transformation also occurs in relationship. To that end, we are a hands on ministry that encourages involvement with children and those who care for them. We believe that all communities are transformed into Christlikeness through relationship.

It is through relationships that development – real, tangible projects that cultivate sustainability – can occur. Caring for children long-term includes cultivating a healthy community that is able to support, look after, and ultimately offer a chance to flourish.




The first step for you and your church is child sponsorship. Your church will have the opportunity to sponsor vulnerable children, which will mark the beginning of a beautiful relationship that will grow for years to come. Once sponsorship occurs, we are able to care for the children’s basic needs by providing some of life’s basic needs: Food, clothing, and feeling loved.

The next step is to travel with your church community to your CarePoint. We recommend annual mission trip with 8-16 people. A group this size can truly engage with their sponsored children and create a life-long relationship. We help you with this process, and have a dedicated Partnership Relationship Manager on staff to assist you all along the way.

Together, you, your CarePoint, and local leaders will grow and develop life-long relationships. You will be a part of real, holistic transformation, not only for the children, but for their community. From education to real-life job training skills for older teen’s, your journey with your community will grow roots that are deep and ensuring a hope and a future for those you support!


Your church can help build a sustainable future for orphaned and vulnerable children. Get your church involved.

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